Inktembers 2017

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The first Covenanti, the abyssal one pledged to a demigod who walks between worlds. Spirits are irresistably drawn to them. They are said to be harbingers of great change.

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The Berserker King. A former gladiator who uses all manner of charms and amulets to extend his lifespan and quell his ungodly rage until he must rise from his throne of skulls in times of war.

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The Nereids

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The Divine Empress with the power to see the future. She rules the twelve kingdoms through her royal paramour kings. Each gem she wears represent the life of one king who has served by her side.

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The Polymath. He knows all, sees all, and is sadder for it. He works to manage disasters and avert the ones on the horizon.

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The Historian. One who preserves the details of every person’s life in an enchanted string mixed with their blood and entwines it with the threads of every other person they interacted with. The Historian is always called upon to confirm royal lineages

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The Kingmaker, quietly and carefully planning how best to raise the next ruler of the twelve kingdoms

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The priestess. She asks her deity for water, and it gave her the gift to create rivers and lakes.

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Good ol bats.

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The Assassins rise again (fanart)

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Assassins Creed in modern day Hong Kong. (fanart)

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“And we can’t stop, whatever is ‘round the corner” - Stateless - Assassinations

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Birds of a Feather

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Just passing through

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Person of Interest reference

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Mr Robot reference

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Overwatch in a nutshell

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The Naturalist. She provides sanctuary to rare flora and fauna on her estate. Birds are among her favourite creatures

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The Knight and his curious young charge who would become his first fencing student.

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Person of Interest reference

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Good Morning

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Puppy cuddle pile

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Echo game fanart

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The Musician

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The Poet.