DXHR/POI Crossover: Root - I'll never stop looking

Jessie lam dxhr poi 1v2
Jessie lam dxhr poi 1v2closeup

I was inspired by the world design in both DXHR and Person of Interest. The two share similar approaches where much of the material was gleaned from real life events and cutting edge technology.

I took Root from Person of Interest and plunked her into the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution as an augmented member of a vigilante group that refers to itself as a "concerned third party".

She has no need of hacking modules as she is highly proficient herself, but has equipped herself with the Casie aug, stealth aug and a couple other mobility aids. Her greatest strength is subterfuge, which she uses to great effect in combination with her augs.

Intervening in serious crimes before they happen while minimizing casualties is the group's MO. For that purpose Root mainly equips herself with the Stun Gun and a PEPs gun for crowd control.

In the TV show, Root is classified as an "Analogue Interface", I thought it'd be a little tongue in cheek to give a slight nod to a Ghost in the Shell spinoff title as well.

May 11, 2015