Inktober 2018 - Week 3

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Inktober Day 15. The Pleasure Quarters of the Cat of Nines. Almost any pleasure can be catered to on these neutral grounds.

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Inktober Day 16. The forgotten temples.

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Inktober Day 17. Corpse Smoke. A powerful hallucinogen and recreational drug. Users often experience something akin to a near death experience floating towards a dazzling light.

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Inktober Day 18. The Goraahm falls. The waters are treated with herbs to disinfect and soothe wounds. Every arena fighter and sellsword goes here and pays a fee for entry into neutral ground. They always pay, the local warrior tribes make sure of it.

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Inktober Day 19. The artisan village. Some of the greatest minds in the world are trained and their talents nurtured by the masters who reside here.

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Inktober Day 20. The night terrors. Those who have seen the battlefield would forfeit the peace of sleep. Ravenous spirits who feast on these heightened emotions become a source of numbing relief for the host.

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Inktober Day 21. The Game of Masks. Nobles dare each other into performing the most profane acts in exchange for power and influence. Those who refuse or lose the bet are stripped of their mask, executed and their every possession consumed by the cabal