DXHR/POI Crossover: Shaw - I never asked for this

Jessie lam dxhrpoi 02shaw
Jessie lam dxhrpoi 02closeup v1

I was inspired by the world design in both DXHR and Person of Interest. The two share similar approaches where much of the material was gleaned from real life events and cutting edge technology.

I took Shaw from Person of Interest and plunked her into the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution as an augmented member of a vigilante group that refers to itself as a "concerned third party".

In this alternate universe, Shaw was a government agent who was captured by a terrorist group while under deep cover. In their attempt to turn her into a double agent, they forcefully outfitted her with heavy augmentations. Shaw proved too resilient for the neural implants and engineered her escape once she saw an opening. Upon her return, one of her old employers was unconvinced she hadn't been compromised and issued a kill order. Instead of retaliating against her country Shaw led her pursuers to the cell that imprisoned her and had the terrorists put down. Shaw was said to have disappeared since then, occasionally resurfacing with a vigilante group to take down war criminals around the world as if she never left her old job.

This image sort of started as a reference to an interview with the actress Sarah Shahi who wished she had a shaved head and robot arms on the show. Since it didn't seem likely she was going to get either, I went and did a mashup concept with that in mind while keeping as much of her original "look" as possible.

October 12, 2015