Inktober 2018 Week 4

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Inktober Day 22. The Inquisitors. Former Geists and slave knights who discovered a dark secret about their world’s history so terrible they went in hiding, slowly trying to piece more of the truth together.

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Inktober 23. The death of a tyrant. He lost the game of masks to a young noble. His curse house and his people begged a new lord to save them. A noble gave them a virulent poison to use at their discretion, ripped the soul out of his corpse and ate it.

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Inktober Day 24. The Conductor. A rare sort who believes in the ideology of Noblesse Oblige. She escaped playing the game of masks during an outbreak of Sargonese curse and maintains her power through the Inquisitors whose operations she secretly finances

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Inktober Day 25. The princess. The last survivor of a lost empire who seeks to build a new nation once she rescues her scattered people. She is a gifted military strategist who uses subterfuge to great effect.

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Inktober Day 26. The condemned. When mask bearers die they are judged by a keeper of masks. Should they prove unworthy of the spirit they were contracted to in life, they would be sent into the void, never to be reincarnated.

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Inktober Day 27. The rules of engagement. Every mask bearer is contracted to a spirit who fights with them to in duels. One way to win is to shatter the foci embedded in an opponent's armor so they are forced to fight alone, and thus easier to kill.

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Inktober Day 28. The promise. The first step in any contract with a spirit. It can be anything within reason, negotiated until both sides are satisfied. Take care which promise to make. Spirits take their covenants very seriously.

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Inktober Day 29. The Pilgrims. Word had passed of a safe haven in hidden valley in Phidales where a great battle had split mountains in pieces. A group called the band of seven carry a red banner offering safe passage to all who travel there.

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Inktober Day 30. The Priestess of Death. Descended from a long line of assassins whose beliefs lie in granting peace and solace to those who wish it. A dying wish had become a lifelong contract when a client asked for blood of a tyrant no one could kill.

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Inktober Day 31. The healer. When all other methods fail, the sick and wounded turn to him for help and he gives freely at a cost to his lifespan. The great snake spirit he carries will then choose its next owner when he finally passes.