Inktober 2018 - Week 2

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Inktober Day 8. The Sargonese Curse, meant to strangle servants into silence about their masters’ indiscretions. The recipe for the curse was eventually stolen and spread among the servants and they used it to blackmail their way to freedom.

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Inktober day 9. The songstress. The arias she sings was said to tame wayward spirits. She was a low born commoner who rose to prominence performing for composers and playwrights.

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Inktober Day 10. The Geists. Child slaves forcefully bound to spirits and pressed into service as mercenaries and assassins. In the year 463 during the month of rain, a young geist slew his master and sparked a series of revolts around the province.

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Inktober Day 11. The Revenant. A vengeful soul thrives on the thrill of combat to sustain itself. Though revenants are spirits cobbled together, this one is preserved by virtue of endoplasmic armor. Once its memory is restored it returns to its true form.

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Inktober 12. The Admiral’s Daughter. She was born with a condition where she must constantly live away from sunlight. Her skin was eventually grafted with protective runes which finally allowed her to walk outside.

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Inktober Day 13. The fire dancer. They say she is the last of a forgotten religion, or the lost daughter of an emperor, or a rebellious anarchist who sets cities aflame. She is never telling.

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Inktober Day 14. The Jar of Souls. This cursed item was originally meant to catch and release spirits who could not make their way back to the netherworld. The world’s nobles seized upon it and used it to accumulate more power and fuel their wars.