Inktober 2018 - Week 1

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The Successor. A young offshoot heir from a dying bloodline blossoming quietly in a forest of thorns and vipers. The Kingmaker had found a new scion to raise into a powerful ruler.

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Inktober day 2. The oracle and her guardian as they descend into the dark rift. No one knows what they saw down in the abyss. But when the oracle emerged, she became the immortal empress.

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Inktober day 3. The Sculptor. A disgraced noble from a long line of artisans. His ancestor bound dead spirits to clay bodies. He creates golems using pure arcane algorithims so convincing they could pass as people.

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Inktober day 4. The first recorded sighting of a covenanti at the Battle of Phidales. This one turned the tide against the invading armies of the Immortal Empress. The covenanti was curiously written out of the annals of history.

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Inktober Day 5. The abyssal one. A shapeshifting creature born from the cycle of reincarnation and the crawling chaos of ancient grudges during times of war. In life she sacrificed herself to a fallen god to revive the people she lost to battle.

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Inktober Day 6. The Beloved. A benevolent spirit who feeds on passion. When artisans dream of muses they see the faces of people they love in life. In exchange for an artist’s labour, they provide the spark of inspiration.

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Inktober Day 7. The Sun King. A philosopher and favoured paramour of the Immortal Empress who granted him her gift of eternal youth. His talent for leadership was such that he was irreplaceable to his people and his Immortal Empress.